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Guy White's passion is helping children. He started his business in 1983 and was the youngest licensed private investigator in the history of Arizona. He became interested in child custody cases in 1989 when he observed how attorneys failed their clients. Mr. White has the life many might dream about--from jumping out of planes in the Army to uncovering political corruption.

Mr. White is no stranger to trash audits. He gets his hands dirty when it is necessary to unearth the truth. Mr. White started as a criminal defense investigator where he honed his evidence gathering skills, which is the most overlooked aspect of a child custody case. Mr. White has interviewed attorneys, judges and therapists.

Mr. White has been interviewed on talk radio numerous times for his expertise. In addition, Mr. White has hosted talk radio shows on various stations in Arizona.


Guy White Appears on the Arizona Almanac Radio Program July 16th 2005