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Look what clients are saying about working with Guy White

Paige – December 29, 2016

I purchased my book for $21.95.  This was the best $21.95 I have ever spent.  This book helped me understand the issues of custody plain and simple.  Guy White definitely sees custody different than my attorney which actually helped me win my case.  I was struggling with what to do with my child custody case. The numerous attorneys I spoke with were clueless and I was frustrated.  I searched and found Child Custody A to Z. All the tools I needed were in this easy to read book.  After reading the (it took me 1 day) it was obvious I needed to contact Guy White.  I hired Guy to essentially pilot me through the process of everything from communicating with my attorney to keeping my composure.  He was direct, to the point and never wasted a moment to find the facts needed for me to win my custody case.  This book will definitely help put you on a direct path to understanding what is needed to win custody or at least give it your best shot. By hiring Mr. White he turned my case around and saved me money in additional legal fees.

Agan – March 21, 2012

After year of trying for primary custody, we bought Guy White’s book and retained his services.  He guided us through the entire process and we ended up with full custody.  His experience and expertise are phenomenal.  He is prompt, thorough, professional, and a great resource for any parent who has children in an unsafe custody situation.  You won’t be disappointed!

Kim – March 21, 2012

The author of this book is very passionate about the subject material and very experienced in the custody arena.  After reading the book, I still needed more specific information on my particular case so I retained Guy White to consult with me on strategies that would help my particular case.  Every penny was worth it’s weight in gold!  Guy spent countless hours listening to my drama and giving me tangible advice.  I would use the advice and then report back to him on what the court appointed psychologist concluded etc.  He would come back with his tactics and advice.  We ended up winning the case and I believe a lot of his consulting information turned the tide.  Within a few phone calls he knew all of the names and people and their stories involved in my case…my attorney barely even knew anyone’s name.  The love and passion for this subject really comes across and he is right on when it comes to dealing with attorneys and judges.

I was attempting to prove that my ex was not the best parent.  Guy told me to lay off that and focus on some other issues otherwise the judge would have sympathy for him and see me as the evil witch.  This was very true as was much of the other advice he gave me, and I began to see the judge siding with my ex…so I took Guy’s advice and it worked, it turned the judge from siding with him to agreeing that I had the best interest of the child at heart.  So glad I retained him to work on my case…he is very practical, down to earth and pulls no punches…tells it like it is.

Spidergirl – August 28, 2012

Guy helped me replace fear with knowledge and helped me learn how to manage my attorneys and my case. He taught me the value of hiring a child custody consultant and not being afraid to follow his advice.

Guy’s book and his years of knowledge turned my case around when I had no place to go.
I am so thankful to Guy.